Who is it for and what is in it for them?


  • increased competences to combine strategic foresight, creativity and research knowledge at work
  • increased skills for multidisciplinary and international work
  • increased experience of real working life
  • learning independent and creative thinking and problem solving skills, expanding from professional to personal life.


  • increased competences to support student learning within the knowledge triangle, and the ability to apply creativity and research in teaching
  • obtaining experience of cross-multidisciplinary and international cooperation, and of business life issues
  • increased skills and preparing for future teaching competences.


  • increased knowledge of how to implement research results
  • upgraded educational skills- increased multidisciplinary, international and company perspectives
  • obtaining fresh viewpoints and ideas
  • possibility to expand research operations and obtain new dimensions in them.

Companies and organisations

  • obtaining new ideas and perspectives; obtaining concrete ideas and assistance in the organisation's issues
  • opportunity to try the benefits of applied research, development and creative strategic foresight in own company
    - increased innovation and research knowledge
  • understanding how to better cooperate with education
  • being introduced to potential new workforce and networks
  • obtaining international and multidisciplinary perspectives.