The Project consortium

P1 – Western Finland Design Centre Muova (Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture – University of Vaasa), the project coordinator

Aalto University offers multidisciplinary education and research in the fields of art and design, economics and technology. It is a pioneer in research and in developing interdisciplinary study programmes. The Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture is dedicated to media, art and design.
MUOVA is a joint research and development centre of the Aalto University and the University of Vaasa. It promotes international competitiveness of companies by means of user-oriented design, runs applied research and creates innovative methods using creativity and design, including learning solutions. Muova’s team consists of experts in marketing, branding, design and communication.

Website: and
Contact person: Tanja Oraviita
Tel. +358 40 7450828

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P2 – Vaasa University of Applied Sciences VAMK

University of Applied Science (VAMK) is a non‐profit higher education institution. VAMK educates Bachelors of Business Administration, Engineering and Social Services as well as Registered Nurses and Public Health Nurses in Finnish and English for the demanding needs of working life. The two English degree programmes (International Business and Information Technology ) as well as a 20 ECTS study module in Health Care and Social Services attract approximately 300 foreign degree students, and 80 incoming exchange students every year. In addition, approximately 150 students of VAMK go abroad on student exchange or work placement annually.

Contact person: Satu Lautamäki
Tel. +358 207 663 300


P4 - University of Primorska, The Faculty of Management Koper UP FM

The University of Primorska looks forward to international exchange. Undergraduate and postgraduate study programmes at the university are conducted by six faculties: Education, Humanistic Studies, Management, Health Care, Tourism, Mathematics, Sciences and Information. Research is also carried out by the Andrej Marusic Institute (IAM) for Natural Sciences and Technology and the Science and Research Centre of Koper (SRC Koper). The Faculty of Management Koper (FM) is a member of the University of Primorska (UP). Its educational and research focus is in the fields of social sciences and business management, with a stress on management, which has interdisciplinary links to economic, business, legal, organisational and behavioural sciences. In addition to education and research, the basic activities of the faculty are providing consultancy services to companies and other organisations, publishing, library activities and organisation of international conferences.

Contact person: Armand Faganel
Tel. +386 5 610 20 44


5 - Zealand Institute of Business and Technology, Campus Roskilde (Business & IT) ZIBAT

Zealand Institute of Business and Technology (ZIBAT) was founded as a merger of 9 independent Danish Colleges and is today one of the largest Academies of Professional Higher Education in Denmark.
ZIBAT offers a number of programmes ranging from 2-2˝ year Academy Profession programmes (AP Degree Programmes), with bachelor top-up possibilities (Professional Bachelor programmes), to 3-4˝ year undergraduate programmes. ZIBAT offers a wide range of educational programmes within the area of business and IT ranging from general business to marketing, branding, international sales, computer science for business, to more creative programmes like e-design, web development, communication, creative industries, leisure management, etc.

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Contact person: Poul Faarup
Tel. +45 5075 2664


P6 - Institute for postgraduate studies - division at UNWE, Management Skills Development Centre

The Institute for Postgraduate Studies (IPS) is a Division of the University for National and World Economy (IPS at UNWE), where 20,000 students study economics, management, public administration, law and international relations.
IPS at UNWE provides postgraduate training, vocational qualification, specialization and continuous training of foreign and Bulgarian citizens.The Institute is certified under ISO 9001:2008 with a Quality management system certificate covering postgraduate studies and project management. IPS at UNWE is a leader in postgraduate studies in the areas of business, management and law and offers high-quality training services according to European standards. Its qualification diploma is recognized and approved by the Bulgarian Ministry of Education, Youth and Science. IPS works with students, managers in the private and public sectors, entrepreneurs, public administration officersand individual trainees.
The IPS primarily focuses on the organisation of training meeting the practical needs of its customers and on the development and implementation of international projects. The priorities of the institute include the transfer of skills and knowledge, adaptable to the changing environment, through the creation of a flexible and effective environment for the training process. The institute’s individual approach to its customers allows for the establishment of a direct relationship between research, teaching and training, managed as projects.

Contact person: Ivan Stoychev
Tel. +359 2 862 1069



F2Innova has expertise in autonomous, national and international projects with long experience in adult training and in the creation of courses and learning for all kinds of targets groups. With pedagogical knowledge and experience in developing a study focus on lifelong learning, F2Innova works closely with SMEs all over Spain. F2Innova also works closely with Fons Formació Zona Mediterrŕnia, SLL which specialises in vocational education.

Contact person: Mónica Moreno
Tel. +34934429400


Associate partners

Vaasa University, Open University

Vaasa Region Development Company VASEK